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Customer Awards and Testimonials

DBG Customer awards & our Customers gracious comments on our company’s capabilities, at the time of the Supplier Audits.

  • “Diamond Supplier”, Heavy Truck OEM award
  • “Supplier Quality Excellence Process, Silver Level”, Heavy Equip OEM award
  • “Innovation and Commercial Excellence”, Commercial Bus OEM award
  • “Only 10% of Suppliers achieve Category 1 in the first audit”, Heavy Truck
  • “In the Top 2 for North America & Asia”, Heavy Equipment OEM
  • “Mexico Top Supplier, North America Top 3 Suppliers”, Agriculture OEM
  • “DBG will be a Benchmark (Model Plant) for the rest of our Suppliers”
  • “All automatic controls and the Poka-Yokes are very good, there are not similar plants to DBG with this kind of technology applying Industry 4.0 Tech today”, Automotive Tier 1
  • “Scored 100% in Supplier Audit”, Automotive Tier 1
  • “5s is impressive”, Automotive Tier 1
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