Custom Metal

DBG understands our role in the supply process, and as a Custom Metal Manufacturer, we are ready to help Customers meet their unique custom metal requirements!! If we have the equipment, we will create a process around it, and, if we do not, our “Put-in-Place” mentality means we will acquire the equipment and resources required to satisfy our Customers’ requirements.

DBG understands that our success is based on meeting our Customers’ needs regarding location/footprint, diverse manufacturing processes, the ability to manage suppliers, the required technical expertise, and most importantly, the ability to be competitive and deliver results on-time.

DBG recognizes our need to be flexible in their approach to meet the criteria for each individual Customer and more importantly, each individual part. It requires the creativity to solve problems, the flexible mindset to support the solution and the strength and experience to implement the process.

Design, Tooling and
Special Purpose Equipment

DBG has its roots in the design and manufacturing of metal stamping tools and dies. For as many years as DBG has been in business, they have been designing and building complex custom tooling for a wide variety of industries and Customers. In many ways, it sets DBG apart from our competition.

DBG is committed to Co-Development as a method to better understand our Customer’s requirements. The goal is to provide the best solution possible for the manufacturing of the finished product.

A highly experienced team of toolmakers and program managers can provide several solutions to difficult forming challenges whether they require hand or auto transfer tooling, progressive tooling or whether they can be manufactured simply by using standard equipment.

DBG can assists in product design and validation using computer simulation software. This tool helps identify manufacturing challenges before prototyping begins, reducing the number of quality loops required in the launch process. These advanced simulations protect Customers and reduce design and launch cost exposure.

DBG also has the capability and experience in designing and building “product specific” special purpose equipment such as robotic weld cells, assembly, and automated checking fixtures. This helps to ensure quality and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Advanced Tooling
Engineering Services

DBG’s Advanced Engineering Group is made up of tool and die makers, process engineers, mechanical engineers, and shop floor operators. This Group provides tool engineering services, product design concepts and estimates early in the development process.

DBG’s approach as a “Concept to Finished Products Company” is a collaborative development of the design of the product early in the process using the experience in custom metal processing to help reduce manufacturing risk and identify cost reductions prior to final design buy-off.

Historically, most Customers are looking for improvements in manufacturing over time to reduce the cost of the products in future years. DBG’s Advanced Engineering Group works with Customers to identify solutions and reduce costs right up front!

Program Management

DBG’s Program Management philosophy is to have resources at each facility that are supported with technical and tooling expertise locally, with additional support and back-up at the Corporate level.

Each program launch is locally managed to integrate the manufacturing facility early in the process.

At the production stage, our Program Management Team continues to monitor the manufacturing process to further evaluate any potential VA/VE solutions for our Customers.

Takeover and
Customer Support of Supply Issues

DBG has been fortunate to expand significantly by taking over projects from suppliers that are not meeting Customer expectations. Corporate and local Program Management resources, along with the Advanced Engineering Group will work with our regional production teams to deliver results when Customers have nowhere else to turn.

As a custom metal manufacturer, DBG recognizes that resources and facilities need to be prepared and capable of meeting Customer expectations when problems arise. As a custom metal manufacturer with a “Put-in-Place” mentality, we are prepared to add resources and equipment to meet those expectations.

DBG cannot do this alone but with the assistance of our Customer’s and the creativity and commitment to delivering solutions, Customers can rely on DBG to be there when they need us!

Local Footprint

DBG recognizes that Customers are looking for Suppliers that can support their requirements as close to their production’s facilities as possible.

Each DBG manufacturing facility is strategically located within Canada, USA and Mexico to provide our Customers with a broad spectrum of supply and manufacturing options.

Culture of Continuous Improvements

Our DTMS (DBG Total Manufacturing System) is a rigorous “Lean Manufacturing” process of continuous improvement designed to identify and eliminate non value-added activities across all functional areas.

Our dedicated local Leadership teams are continually working to improve all processes. From the concept stage and through to mass production, their focus is to reduce process variation, improve production flow, and reduce waste to decrease cost, offering our Customers a true competitive advantage.