Tool Design & Manufacturing

DBG originally began as a Tool and Die manufacturer and today we believe it is one of the key areas that sets us apart from other Custom Metal Manufacturers in our Industry.

As a “Concept to Finished Products Company”, DBG is capable, and prefers, to design and manufacture the custom stamping tools and equipment required to meet our Customer’s manufacturing expectations. However, we will work with outside sources to leverage both their expertise and resources, as required.

DBG has over 45 years of experience in the design and building all different types of stamping dies including, but not limited to hand and automated transfer tooling, progressive tooling and tooling for deep drawn applications.

Each one of DBG’s facilities is fully equipped to design, build and maintain custom tooling by highly skilled certified toolmakers.

DBG can assist in product design and validation using computer simulation software. This tool helps identify manufacturing challenges before prototyping begins, reducing the number of quality loops required in the launch process.

Metal Stamping

DBG offers metal stamping capabilities for short, medium and long-term production runs. Our stamping press work cells range in size from 100 ton to 1,500 ton (including a 2,000 ton robotic transfer line) and offer our Customers the flexibility to run low volume, hand transfer tools, right through to high volume progressive and automated transfer tooling.

Each facility houses a wide range of presses and auxiliary equipment that provides the most flexible options to meet our Customer’s needs locally. Whether it’s small simple brackets, complex deep drawn cases or large heavy gauge crossmembers, made of aluminum, stainless, carbon or high strength steel, our Company can meet your needs.

In addition, each facility has a fully equipped toolroom with a wide range of CNC and other machinery, along with highly skilled certified tool makers that can build, maintain and repair your tooling assets.

Please reach out to one of our Account Managers to discuss how DBG capabilities can meet your unique needs.


Each DBG facility also offers a wide variety of fabrication equipment to support our Customers low to medium volume standard tooled applications. This equipment includes a variety of CNC Lasers, including C02, fiber, 5-axis, and tube cutting. Some of these lasers include hands free loading for lights out capability. Our fabrication equipment also includes CNC turrets, CNC brake presses with various bed sizes along with CNC shears, punch brakes and other miscellaneous forming equipment.

Our ability to fabricate, heavy and lite gauge product made of aluminum, stainless, carbon and high strength steel means we can maximize our Customers options.

This equipment, along with our “One Stop Shop” mentality means we also can fabricate low volume products quickly. Whether it be unplanned Supply Challenges or planned prototype requirements, our “Rapid Production Team”, located in our Mexico facilities, can support our Customers’ needs and costs effectively.

Value Added Processes

DBG offers value-added assembly by utilizing an extensive range of weld systems and various assembly technologies including, Robotic Spot & Mig Welding, Resistance Nut Welding, Mechanical Fastening, Staking, hucing, bolting, riveting. Some of our value added assembly methods, toggle loc, are done completely in our stamping presses.

Our robotic weld cells are equipped with CMT technology to reduce the thermal input for a spatter-free transfer.

Various assemblies can be manufactured on any of our modular weld cells providing an assortment of manufacturing processes in one location.

Modular Assembly and Sequencing

DBG has been producing modular assemblies for the North American commercial vehicle industry since 2001.

A modular assembly is the grouping of components that arrive at an OEM pre-assembled, tested, line-sequenced and ready to install onto or into a vehicle or finished commercial product.

A Modular Assembly strategy reduces overall Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Supplier Management costs and better utilizes valuable Plant Assembly space and Associate resources.

OEMs implement this system as a means to reduce overall costs by reducing their supply base, reducing inventories as well as better utilize valuable plant assembly space.

DBG currently produces a dynamic variety of bus and heavy/medium duty truck fuel tanks, battery box assemblies, as well as Heavy Machinery Control Modules in this manner. We continue to expand our capabilities and options in this field as more OEM see the benefits of modular assemblies.

Quality and Certifications

In this Industry, DBG recognizes that consistently delivering quality products on time is a requirement. As a result, DBG has achieved the following Registered certifications:

    • IATF 16949: 2016 Certified. DBG Canada & DBG Mexico
    • ISO9001: 2015 Certified. DBG Canada, DBG USA & DBG Mexico
    • OHSAS18001: 2007 Certified (health and safety). DBG Canada & DBG Mexico
    • ISO14001: 2015 Certified (environmental). DBG Canada & DBG Mexico.
    • CQI – 15 Welding. DBG Canada & DBG Mexico

In addition to a strong recommendation to include quality fixtures, our facilities are equipped with the proper CMM measuring equipment to support all of our Customer needs.